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OTP: Lockheed (X-Men) and Daenerys Targaryen (GOT) by derekmetaltron OTP: Lockheed (X-Men) and Daenerys Targaryen (GOT) :iconderekmetaltron:derekmetaltron 3 11
DBX: Dalek vs Wolverine (Part 1)

In A Devastated AIM Base…

With a slash of his sharp Adamantium claws, the hairy mutant in blue and yellow codenamed Wolverine, though often known to his friends in the X-Men as Logan, stepped with a grunt through the last of the secure security doors via the hole he’d cut for himself into the secret base of AIM… Advanced Ideas Mechanics, aka terrorist wack jobs who traded HYDRA’s gun ho style for mad science. Course when ya got a giant floating head callin’ the shots with folks dressed like bee keepers, ya ain’t gonna be all that surprised they’re crazy. Wolverine thought with a smirk. Then it faded somewhat as he glanced about the darkened hallway, aware that the lights were flickering oddly, as if someone or something was trying to utilise a lot of power.
It would make sense, given that Beast ha
:iconderekmetaltron:derekmetaltron 5 3
Tag Team Explosions: Doctor Octopus/Mister Freeze

Doctor Octopus: A brilliant scientist with a genius for atomic physics, Doctor Otto Octavius found himself caught in a nuclear accident which operating with his self-designed metallic tentacles, giving him the ability to control them with pure thought but twisting his mind in the process! Now one of the world’s great super-science supervillains, his ambitions for control and dominance are matched only by an extreme hatred for his greatest enemy, the Amazing Spider-Man!
Mister Freeze: Fascinated with the study of cryogenics since youth, Victor Fries fell in love during college with the beautiful Nora Fields who became his wife. When she became stricken with a terminal illness, Victor became obsessed with seeking a cure for Nora’s condition whilst freezing her body. When the CEO Ferris Boyle stole his research and threatened to kill her, Victor was caught in a cryo explosion that lower
:iconderekmetaltron:derekmetaltron 8 7
Tag Team Explosions Claims (Updated)
My current full list of planned Tag Team Explosions, along with their rivals. Some of these ideas were kindly sold by :iconcontraneo: so thanks to him and his help with some rival suggestions! :)
(I also make no apologies for the loads of Doctor Who characters, I love them and they're awesome and so there, lol.)

Heroes Past...: Gotham By Gaslight Batman (DC Comics) & Spider-Man Noir (Marvel Comics)

Rivals - Heroes Future...: Batman Beyond/Terry Mcginnis (DC Comics) & Spider-Man 2099/Miguel O'Hara (Marvel Comics)

Super Science, Super Villain: Mister Freeze/Victor Fries (DC Comics) & Doctor Octopus/Otto Octavius (Marvel Comics)

Rivals - Serums of Madness and Fear: Green Goblin/Norman Osborn (Marvel Comics) & Scarecr
:iconderekmetaltron:derekmetaltron 1 2
You Are The Amazing Spider-Man In Civil War Cover by derekmetaltron You Are The Amazing Spider-Man In Civil War Cover :iconderekmetaltron:derekmetaltron 15 31 Avengers vs X-Men Game (Character Select Screen) by derekmetaltron Avengers vs X-Men Game (Character Select Screen) :iconderekmetaltron:derekmetaltron 20 3
Wonder Woman/Captain America's Daughter Reader Fic
Heroine Options (Father! Captain America X Teen Daughter Superheroine! Female Reader X Mother! Wonder Woman)
(Or Why Having So Many Honorary Uncles and Aunts From Two Separate Super Powered Teams Can Be Problematic When Trying To Be A New Super Heroine)

AN: Done for :iconkaloomte-cassy: Super Heroine Reader Competition! I had two ideas in mind of a similar vibe – and I suspect the other one might pop up eventually – but I hit upon a good idea for this one and ran with it! Captain America and Wonder Woman – or WonderCap as I call the pairing - is a long popular match up which I admit to liking, even if I feel sorry for Peggy Carter/Sharon Carter/Wanda Maximoff or Steve Trevor/Bruce Wayne at the same time. Also sorry you don’t get your last name because… well, you’re a kid of Wonder Woman and Captain America, it makes sense you’re a Rogers. Anyhoo, hope your enjoy this, it’s my first published Reader fic so I hope i
:iconderekmetaltron:derekmetaltron 27 14
Marvel X DC Game Character List by derekmetaltron Marvel X DC Game Character List :iconderekmetaltron:derekmetaltron 18 7 Star Wars: Skywalker Family Tree (Fan Theory) by derekmetaltron Star Wars: Skywalker Family Tree (Fan Theory) :iconderekmetaltron:derekmetaltron 19 15 Choose Your Lanterns Meme (Doctor Who Version) by derekmetaltron Choose Your Lanterns Meme (Doctor Who Version) :iconderekmetaltron:derekmetaltron 8 3
Death Battles/DBX/One Min Melee Claims (Updated)
New updated version of my Death Battles planned for a first and second season, alongside a selection of DBX and One Minute Melee fights. Thanks to :iconwater-frez: for helping me via the OOM template and locating the awesome title cards which were designed by :icontheperpetual: - these have really come in handy! And thanks to :iconSSJ4Truntanks: and :iconAdamGregory04: for selling me some of these awesome fight ideas too!
Death Battles
Season One

Big Dragon, Little Dragon - Lockheed (Marvel Comics/X-Men) VS Smuag (The Hobbit)

Cold Arms of Super Science - Doctor Octopus (Marvel Comics/Spider-Man)VS Mister Freeze (DC Comics/Batman)

The Great Gaslight Detectives - Gotham by Gaslight Batman (DC Comics/Batman) VS Madame Vastra (Doctor Who)

:iconderekmetaltron:derekmetaltron 5 7
Poker Night At The Inventory Meme (My Picks) by derekmetaltron Poker Night At The Inventory Meme (My Picks) :iconderekmetaltron:derekmetaltron 8 3
Mature content
Giantess Peace Talks RP :iconderekmetaltron:derekmetaltron 2 131
Mature content
Gentle Master Giantess President RP :iconderekmetaltron:derekmetaltron 3 237
Ant Man III (Eric O'Grady) Pony by derekmetaltron Ant Man III (Eric O'Grady) Pony :iconderekmetaltron:derekmetaltron 8 4


Avengers Girls By Fredbenes by Kenkira Avengers Girls By Fredbenes :iconkenkira:Kenkira 132 4 Adventures in Crime Fighting by amherman Adventures in Crime Fighting :iconamherman:amherman 63 11 Wonder Woman Trinquette by Sorente Wonder Woman Trinquette :iconsorente:Sorente 171 8 ...Woman of Wonder... by thesealord ...Woman of Wonder... :iconthesealord:thesealord 66 6 Wonder Woman by Lagunaya Wonder Woman :iconlagunaya:Lagunaya 904 30 Wonder Woman by StyloideIllustration Wonder Woman :iconstyloideillustration:StyloideIllustration 415 10 Venomwol by rockthearts1212 Venomwol :iconrockthearts1212:rockthearts1212 23 0 Captain Marvel by CWRudy Captain Marvel :iconcwrudy:CWRudy 11 3 [FANART]  WONDER WOMAN by TitPrince [FANART] WONDER WOMAN :icontitprince:TitPrince 548 41
DBX: Mario and Luigi vs. Osmosis Jones and Drix

No rules. No research. No time limit.
Just pure cellular chaos.

Setting: Rhode Island
People screamed as the Koopa King himself, Bowser, stormed down the sidewalk. He had no idea how he'd ended up in this odd, concrete world, but everyone seemed rightly terrified of him, so he wasn't overly concerned about the inhabitants doing anything to impede him. In fact, their horrified expressions amused the evil king.
Bowser: Bwahahahahaha! That's right! Run in terror!
He roared and stomped the ground, the concrete splintering beneath his weight, and more people screamed and ran. He let out another loud, hearty laugh, planting his fists on his hips. He was still relishing in his enjoyment of tormenting the innocent when all of a sudden there was a voice that seemed to come from nowhere.
???: HEY!!
Bowser stopped. He knew that voice; it was that person in his gut. What was their name again? Flippy?
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 15 6
Death Battle Arena: Captain Marvel

Name: Carol Danvers
Age: Unknown
Race: Human-Kree hybrid
Bio: Carol Danvers was once an air-force pilot and astronaut who befriended the Kree superhero, Mar-Vell, known to all of Earth as "Captain Marvel". During a freak accident involving a special space-engine that harnessed cosmic power, some of Mar-Vell's DNA was transferred to Carol, granting her immense power over all types of cosmic energy. While Carol went through several aliases, she chose to take up the mantle of Captain Marvel after Mar-Vell's tragic death. She's taken on many faces, but her power was well-recognized and has resulted in her working alongside several iconic heroes and teams, doing her best to live up to her predecessor's name and standards.
Costume 1: Captain Marvel Outfit
Costume 2: Alpha Flight Head w/short haircut
Costume 3: Ms. Marvel Co
:icondimension-dino:Dimension-Dino 19 10
Death Battle Arena: Android 18

Name: Lazuli (formerly)
Age: Unknown
Race: Android
Title: Artificial Human #18
Bio: After a kid named Son Goku ransacked the entire Red Ribbon Army--the most renowned military force in the world, the organization's lead scientist, Dr. Gero, set to work on building machines and weapons that could topple the Saiyan warrior. His two likeliest candidates were two teenage humans that he kidnapped and modified himself--Androids 17 and 18, who turned on and killed their creator. Initially the Z Warriors' enemy, Android 18 would undergo a change of heart after witnessing the kindness of the warriors and joined their team, even marrying Krillin and starting a family with him.
Costume 1: First Awakening Outfit
Costume 2: White shirt, black vest, pearl necklace and black gloves
Costume 3: World Martial Arts Tournament Outfit
Costume 4: Drago
:icondimension-dino:Dimension-Dino 17 3
CROSSOVER FROM DIFFERENT EARTH X-TRIOS by Sabrerine911 CROSSOVER FROM DIFFERENT EARTH X-TRIOS :iconsabrerine911:Sabrerine911 163 4 Spider Gwen Commission by WeijiC Spider Gwen Commission :iconweijic:WeijiC 153 11 Classic HULK vs THING by donnyg4 Classic HULK vs THING :icondonnyg4:donnyg4 24 4 Venom by Angel1227 Venom :iconangel1227:Angel1227 70 19


"Marvel Legacy: Featuring Stuff we were literally planning to do anyway, but look at those covers, ohhhhhhhhhhh, nostalgia!"

Sigh. Not much of a industry shattering relaunch then.
In related news, X-Men Resurexion is having all its #1s for Iceman, Jean Grey, Cable, X-Men Blue, X-Men Gold, Weapon X and Generation X up on for FREE until the end of tomorrow! Go to logged in and enter the code ICEMAN for free copies of all seven comics.
Both hopeful and worried what Marvel 'Industry Shaking' plans for its comics via Marvel Legacy will happen to be, sadly it sounds like the most requested thing of a return of the Fantastic Four is not on the cards. Guess Marvel elusive CEO and Trump worshipper Ike Perlmutter is still a petty man child as ever.


James Cleverley
United Kingdom
A few new ideas for Tag Team Explosions I had as of today! First we have two pairs with their respective rivals...

TTE Colossus  Heavy by derekmetaltron

We Are Russian, We Break Things, Da?: Colossus (X-Men/Marvel Comics) & Heavy (Team Fortress 2)

TTE Ivan  Volgin by derekmetaltron

Rivals - We Are Russian, We Must Break YOU!: Volgin (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater) & Ivan Drago (Rocky IV)

TTE Regime Superman  Maestro by derekmetaltron

They Snapped And Now They Rule - Regime Superman (Injustice: Gods Among Us/DC Comics) & Maestro (Incredible Hulk/Marvel Comics)

TTE Vampire Batman  Colonel America by derekmetaltron

Rivals - They Got Bitten And Now They Hunger: Vampire Batman (Batman: Red Rain/DC Comics) & Zombie Colonel America (Marvel Zombies/Marvel Comics)


And now these two don't have rivals yet, so I'll try and think of some. If you have any ideas for them do let me know! :)

TTE Alex  Clementine by derekmetaltron

Ghosts or Zombies, We Girls Make Tough Choices: Alex (Night School Studio's Oxenfree) & Clementine (Telltale's The Walking Dead)

TTE Captain Marvel  Green Lantern by derekmetaltron

Air Force or Space Force, We're Protecting Earth!: Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers (Marvel Comics) & Green Lantern/Hal Jordan (DC Comics)


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