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A few new ideas for Tag Team Explosions I had as of today! First we have two pairs with their respective rivals...

TTE Colossus  Heavy by derekmetaltron

We Are Russian, We Break Things, Da?: Colossus (X-Men/Marvel Comics) & Heavy (Team Fortress 2)

TTE Ivan  Volgin by derekmetaltron

Rivals - We Are Russian, We Must Break YOU!: Volgin (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater) & Ivan Drago (Rocky IV)

TTE Regime Superman  Maestro by derekmetaltron

They Snapped And Now They Rule - Regime Superman (Injustice: Gods Among Us/DC Comics) & Maestro (Incredible Hulk/Marvel Comics)

TTE Vampire Batman  Colonel America by derekmetaltron

Rivals - They Got Bitten And Now They Hunger: Vampire Batman (Batman: Red Rain/DC Comics) & Zombie Colonel America (Marvel Zombies/Marvel Comics)


And now these two don't have rivals yet, so I'll try and think of some. If you have any ideas for them do let me know! :)

TTE Alex  Clementine by derekmetaltron

Ghosts or Zombies, We Girls Make Tough Choices: Alex (Night School Studio's Oxenfree) & Clementine (Telltale's The Walking Dead)

TTE Captain Marvel  Green Lantern by derekmetaltron

Air Force or Space Force, We're Protecting Earth!: Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers (Marvel Comics) & Green Lantern/Hal Jordan (DC Comics)


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